Hear the “Whispers and Roars” Again this October

Crisis Center North is pleased to announce that “Hearing the Whispers and Roars,” a community art event based around the experiences of domestic violence survivors, will be held at the North Hills Art Center in October as a part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The opening of the event on Oct. 14 will include live performances, and the show remain open until Oct. 28. Please check back for more details, but in the meantime read on to learn more about last year’s show and what awaits you this October.

“Hearing the Whispers and Roars” of 2015

Silence often surrounds the experiences of survivors of domestic and sexual violence, but the art event “Hearing the Whispers and Roars” shattered that silence, revealing just how close such issues are to all in a community.

As part of 2015’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the art show “Whispers and Roars” was sponsored by Verizon Hopeline and held at the North Hills Art Center.

The event brought the community together to support, learn, and explore the experiences of local domestic and sexual violence survivors via art: 90 pieces created by more than 20 local survivors and artists were showcased.

“It is important to have an event to honor the recovery process,” said Carly Cooper, an adult counselor with Crisis Center North. “It honors the survivors and educates the community.”

Between 50 and 75 people attended the show’s opening on October 9th which included live performances of music, poetry, dance, as well as an interactive installation piece that invited participants to map their own life experiences.

The piece consisted of a board with large nails stuck throughout it, each containing a statement ranging from the innocuous, such as “my cats help me relax,” to the traumatic, such as “I have been raped.”

Participants wrapped yarn around each nail that had a true statement about themselves, allowing them to show solidarity for those with whom they had similar experiences and to comprehend just how similar their own lives were to those of survivors.

“Domestic violence is all around us in the North Hills,” said Kim Freithaler, the president of the North Hills Art Center board of directors. “The show is a worthwhile cause… it highlights the problems we face and brings them into the open.”


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